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UBEE includes our slightly stronger supplement New U and our 7 Day Detox.
Ingredients: Lotus leaf, Citrus Aurantium, Decaffeinated Green Tea, Cassia Tara, Danshen, Ginseng, Konjac Glucomannan, Hawtharn, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Vitamin E, Vitamin C.
Directions:Take twice a day before meals with plenty of water. 1 capsule before breakfast & 1 before dinner.


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    This product is AMAZING! I lost 30lbs in 1 month
    I have shared this several friends & family & they are amazed & feel so much confident about themselves! Out of everything I tried NOTHING worked besides this product! It’s so worth it! You wont regret it!

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    I had a really good experience with these two products. Lost 10 or more lbs in the 5 weeks. Was not hard. Wasn’t hungry much. Also worked for a friend of mine. She had told me about ir

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