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ULTIMATE FACIAL KIT exfoliates and nourishes the skin, REMOVES DARK ACNE SCARS promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger. UFK INSTRUCTIONS: THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR NIGHTLY ONLY!! Use a daily facial cleanser of your choice. Always use exfoliating gloves to better cleanse your skin. Wash cleanser away and damp dry face. STEP 1: Apply 4% Eqinon to full face, a small dime size will work. Allow to dry for five mins. USED NIGHTLY. STEP 2: Repeat the same steps as Step 1 using the 0.1% Reticor. The RETICOR IS TO BE USE ONLY 3 NIGHTS OUT OF THE WEEK. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, & FRIDAY. You will notice that your old dead skin is lightly peeling off. Allow the skin to peel on its own don’t pull it, once your old skin is peeling do not use the exfoliating gloves your new skin will be very sensitive. Simply wash face with your hands. BOTH PRODUCTS ARE TO BE USED AT NIGHT ONLY NEVER EXPOSED TO THE SUN! YOUR DAILY ROUTINE SHOULD CONSIST OF YOUR REGULAR FACE WASH AND A MOISTURIZER WITH SUNSCREEN!


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