Q: How do I order?
A: Click on any of the tabs in the navigation and choose what you are looking for: Detoxificaion, Metabolism Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Meal Plan, Enhancers, and/or Sale.

Q: Do I have to use 7 Day Detox first?
A: For max results you should always detox first. However, if you are on another detox, you can opt to go to our weight loss supplement (New U).

Q: Can I eat on the Ultimate Body-Tox System? 
A: Yes

Q: How much water do I drink on the Ultimate Body-Tox System?
A: However much you feel your body needs. We advise a gallon a day.

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: When using our supplements correctly there are no side effects. You may experience headaches, or dry mouth. These effects are from not eating or drinking enough water. Listen to your body. Drink a gallon of water daily. You will not be hungry but you still have to eat. Small meals throughout the day should help.

Q: What is the shipping time?
A: 24/48 hour processing. Priority shipping via USPS, packages usually arrive after 3-7 days after your purchase.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. You pay the shipping fee. Delivery times may be delayed for residents outside the US.

Q: Do you offer tracking?
A: Tracking we will be sent to your email.

Q: Can I use these supplements if I have HPB (High Blood Pressure)?
A: Consult with your physician first, then contact Customer Service.

Q: Why are my comments unanswered?
A: General comments are not responded to on Social Media. I do engage with my customers and support their journey. Questions are to be directed to customer service via email & dm.

Email: ultimatebodytoxpa@yahoo.com

Q: Will the weight loss supplements keep the weight off?
A: No. This is a weight loss aid that helps you to lose weight, not keep weight off. You must change some of your habits to keep the weight off such as diet and exercise.

Q: Can I mix supplements?
A: Only supplements that are sold in a package deal or advised by CS.

Q: Can you breastfeed while using these supplements?
A: No.